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From Commercials, to short films, to features we do it all. Let us help you visualize your film and make it come to life.

Creative Direction

Let us help you refine your script and idea to a film that will be enjoyed

Film Production

From Set-up to wrap let your creativity soar

Visual Effects

Creating the look you want for the budget you have

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Malevolent Mouse productions are all original scripts, we pride ourselves on creating new storylines with new and compelling characters.


Malevolent Mouse has a full production team if you need someone to shoot give us a call.

Visual Effects

Malevolent Mouse does both practical and visual effects. We strive to find better and more cost efficient ways of creating the look you want for the budget you have.


Malevolent Mouse does all of our own editing in-house from the rough cut all the way to the final.


Malevolent Mouse is dedicated to bringing the content straight to you with our easy downloads and streaming services

Graphic Design

Malevolent Mouse has an in house Graphic design department, we specialize in creating eye-catching and intriguing designs.

The Filmmaker’s Cabinet

Malevolent Mouse wants to help you inspire your creativity. We have put together a series of podcasts, and videos that will help you create the movie you want.

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