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Date: TBD / Time: TBD

MoonRocks Sci-fi Film Competition

This summer the stars are the limit with our new sci-fi film competition. You and your team have

two weeks to create an out-of this world film, whether it is aliens or cyborgs let your imagination run wild.

Brewery Art Center 449 W King St, Carson City, NV 89703

23 August / Doors open at 5:00PM

Reno 48 Hour Film Project 2024

Write, shoot and edit a short film based on the genre you draw at The Kickoff and the required character, prop, and line assigned for your city.

Premiere YOUR film!

Celebrate with Awards, including Audience Award.

The winner of Best Film goes to Filmapalooza in March 2025, and is eligible for a spot in our screening at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner!

Try something new, level up your filmmaking, and join our community.

Location To Be Determined

Date: TBD / Time: TBD

Carson Creepy Film festival

Are you a fan of horror, and movies well now you get to make your own horror film in this two week

competition. Afterwards screen your film on the big screen. Give us your best jump scare.

Brewery Art Center 449 W King St, Carson City, NV 89703

Unveiling Malevolent Mouse

Crafting Cinematic Nightmares with Malevolent Mouse Film Productions Blog

“Welcome to the Malevolent Mouse Film Productions Blog, your portal into the sinister world of cinematic nightmares. Dive into the dark and twisted creations brought to life by our innovative team of filmmakers. From spine-chilling horror to mind-bending thrillers, we invite you to explore the eerie depths of our imagination. Get exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, interviews with cast and crew, and sneak peeks into upcoming projects. Join us as we push the boundaries of storytelling and bring your darkest fears to the silver screen. Enter if you dare, and prepare to be captivated by the malevolence of Malevolent Mouse.”

The Cinematic Symphony: Exploring the Art of Film

In the realm of artistic expression, few mediums captivate and transport audiences quite like film. The magic of the silver screen has the power to evoke emotions and provoke thoughts transporting viewers to worlds unknown.

Crafting Cinematic Brilliance Through working with Actors

In the intricate tapestry of filmmaking, the relationship between directors and actors stands as a cornerstone. The collaboration between these two creative forces is a delicate dance that shapes the characters, emotions, and overall narrative of a film.

From Concept to Masterpiece The Art of Screenwriting and Refinement

The heart of any cinematic journey lies in the written word. Screenwriting is the blueprint that guides the entire filmmaking process, shaping characters, dialogue, and narrative arcs.

Pictures and Videos are Worth a Thousand Words



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