The Mouse is currently on the Road.

March 14th, 2023

What’s up Malevolent Mouse Fans, The Mouse is currently on the Road to Los Angeles, California for the 2023 Filmapalooza. I am so blessed to be the city producer of such a talented city. Shout out to Reno’s winning film, Arbroday, by I ain’t no Scare Productions! See you all in LA!!! We are experiencing some heavy rain on the way to LA. We decided to go around the pass instead of over it, as there is a good chance of snow. To pass the time (8 and half Hours) we are playing a game that I call “Casting Manager” . In this game you pick a well known movie or tv show and recast it with different actors. It gives you a chance to exercise your Directing abilities and justify why you choose certain actors over others. Once we arrive in LA we will be staying in an Airbnb for the week as Reno’s Winning Team competes with teams from all over the world for Best 48 Hour Film! Break a Leg Reno!