September 25th, 2021

Any Actor will tell you that the moment before the camera starts rolling is just as important as when the director calls action. In Pre-Production that statement could not be more true. Before anyone shows up on set there are a million things that have to be ironed out. Scripts, shots, costumes, locations, etc…

For the past few weeks Malevolent Mouse has been busy creating the game plan for the production of Chiaroscuro. Production will be a 15 day shoot in multiple locations and hundreds of set-ups.

As the director for this film I am so excited to begin the project and am even more excited to see the final result. We also just had our first table read. That is something I highly recommend doing with any project as it give the actors, and crew a chance to meet, ask questions and learn how to embrace the characters and the world that you have created.

After my full cast was able to read the script as a group they began to add new life and undertones to the characters that were not in the script. After arriving on set and before the camera started rolling they would discuss the moment before, enabling them to get into the right headspace for the scene we were about to shoot.

All in all, the cast and crew are so excited to start production on Chiaroscuro and can’t wait for the laughs, bloopers and epic moments both before the camera rolls and while the story comes to life around us.

Stay Squeekin’,
Malevolent Mouse Scurrying Off…
to start production on Chiaroscuro.