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Abbey West Recording and 4505 Productions have partnered with Malevolent Mouse Productions to bring you a one-stop shop for all of your production needs. From single tracks to music videos to feature films, our creative team will create a very personal and dedicated approach to your project.

Sound is an extension of a person, a band, a character, a film. With our intimate setting you can allow your artistic and creative side to develop and expand.

Our sound department uses a mixture of analog and digital gear to achieve a fresh new sound with an old school feel – the best of both worlds. We track with Avalon, API, Focusrite, Heritage Audio, Phoenix Audio and Universal Audio preamps, which bring warmth and character to the tracking process, rounding out the sound for a perfect marriage in the digital/analog realm.

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By Haley Bond

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Drinking with Ghosts

By Will Freeman

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Across the Desert Sky

By Haley Bond

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