Somewhere Sunny

 This is “Somewhere Sunny”, a very sweet song to brighten your day :smiling_face_with_hearts: Haley Bond wrote this song about the love, light and happiness that her dad brought to her life. This Song is dedicated to anyone who has lost someone and can’t wait to see them again. She imagined that place would be somewhere sunny.
This song is a duet with Haley’s co-writer, Terri Cowick Bond. Her sister captured most of these beautiful moments and Their songwriting process which always starts in a living room with an acoustic guitar and a dog :laughing:. Studio shots are at Abbey West Recording with Jerry Spikula and the editing was by Ivey Smith Of Malevolent Mouse Productions. Lucas Arizu is on guitar :grinning:
Haley will be releasing a song every couple weeks. Follow her on Spotify, Instagram or subscribe to her YouTube channel. She would love it!