Malevolent Mouse Short Film Collections Volume 1



Malevolent Mouse has done a number of short films that have been entered into various competitions and have also been used to showcase the talent of the actors that we have worked with. Now all the short films are in one place. With titles such as Metastasis, The Hennessy Method, and many more this film is an hour of nonstop Malevolent Madness.

Film Trivia:

  • Metastasis was an official selection for the 2019 Monsters of Horror International Film Festival.
  • The Revelations of Light was made as a school project.
  • The Hennessy Method was made for the 2015 48 Hour Film Project, an international competition where it received 5th place.
  • While shooting to Mock a Kilingbird Ivey and John were laying at the feet of the actors in the back seat while shooting the car scene. The air conditioner could not be used while shooting because the mics were picking up the noise.
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