Is Making a Movie Your New Year’s Resolution? 

Sunday, January 1st 2023 

What’s up Malevolent Mouse Fans? Hope you all had a great start to the new year, as the city producer for Reno’s 48 Hour Film Project I am excited to announce that we are back for round two, last year 4 teams competed, won prizes and the top three went on to participate in the Cannes Film Festival. Winners for the Cannes Film Festival will be announced at Filmapalooza in March. I wish all the teams the best of luck in that competition, but until then I am excited to say that if you missed out on all the fun last year no worries, New year’s registration for the Reno 48 Hour film Project will be open for a limited time in this special new year promotion. Entry fees are the lowest price of the year, and not to worry, if for some reason the final dates don’t work you can get a full refund! However this deal won’t last. For more information please visit.

Until Next time Malevolent Mouse Scurrying off to work on the next project.