A Reno Team is going to internations for the 48 Hour Film Project!!!

Tuesday November 8th 2022

Good Afternoon Malevolent Mouse Fans, I want to give a shout out to I Ain’t No Scare Productions headed by local director Jessica Arrendale,  who won best film for 2022 at Reno’s 48 Hour Film Project, an annual competition that challenges filmmakers to create a short film in just two days.

They were featured in the Reno Gazette for their incredible work. I am so excited that they will be representing Reno at Filmapalooza, an international short film festival in Los Angeles this spring where the Reno-based group’s short  film will be screened and judged along with over 100 other films from cities around the globe.  Malevolent Mouse Scurrying off to start production on new christmas songs.